Digital Tachograph Hardware


Tacho File Viewer  v.2.0.3331

Tacho File Viewer is a new and useful Digital Tachograph Vehicle and Driver Card file viewer. This is a free and helpful software. It's easy to download and simple to install and has a very friendly user interface.

GloboFleet File Checker  v.1.0.0

File checker to check archived data. The GloboFleet File Checker is a free software to check archived data. The GloboFleet File Checker ensures safety as it checks the quality of the archived data. With GloboFleet File Checker you can check if the


GloboFleet Drivercard Checker  v.1.1.0

For digital tachographs. GloboFleet Drivercard Checker is a free software to analyze the current remaining times by using the date of your driver card.

Tachomaster  v.

Tachomaster is the market leading tachograph analysis software. Tachomaster makes it easy, quick and cheap to analyse your digital tachograph drivers cards and vehicle units, as well as your analogue tachograph charts.

ReadESM  v.2011.12 PreRelease 1

View ESM files with readESM. This software takes an ESM file, downloaded from a digital tachograph or a driver card (used in the European Union for trucks > 3.5 tons), and converts it into human-readable form,

GloboFleet Attestation Assistant  v.1.3.6

Create attestations for non-driving days in 22 languages. With GloboFleet attestation assistant you can create attestations for non-driving days in 22 languages quickly and easily.

GloboFleet CC  v.3.4.3

Card Control Software. With the Card Control Software you are able to archive the driver card data according to legal requirements. You also can look at these data.

Sedao Content Manager  v.1 9

Sedao content manager is an application that has been developed to enable you to easily synchronise presentations across multiple digital signage players.

RollerWriter  v.1 6

Most Digital Signage has the need to display lists of information such as events, menus and product information.

QuickChange Background Maker  v.

Background Maker is an inexpensive and very simple way to create designer backgrounds, as well as menus and professional full screen posters. Designer quality screen backgrounds can be created in a few minutes.

Praxis  v.1.0

Praxis is the next generation audio analysis and loudspeaker measurement tool. Praxis performs convenient, sophisticated, and high quality audio measurements of loudspeakers, electronics, vibrating systems and rooms.

ImageFlyer  v.5 1

ImageFlyer is designed to help you add your media, move it with your left mouse button and resize it (live as it plays) with your right mouse button, then add more media until you are finished.

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